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The cloud is quickly becoming the lifeblood of companies large and small. If you have an IT staff, chances are you are already thinking about how cloud computing can improve the efficiency of your operations.

What is Cloud App Security?

  1. Cloud App Security protects your organization against threats in your cloud apps by providing real-time visibility and control over user identities, cloud app usage, and sensitive data leaving your organization.
  2. It provides adaptive multi-factor authentication that you can use to assert identity when accessing cloud services from within or outside of the corporate network, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Why do I need a CASB?

Cloud computing is a model of data processing that supports scalable concurrency in distributed applications. To support distributed computations across clusters using existing hardware. Rather than deploying new hardware/software agents execute data tasks on behalf of other software processes. Increasing overall utilization of available resources while reducing costs to the requester.

CASBs should help you do this by providing a wide array of capabilities that protect your environment across the following pillars:

  • Visibility: detect all cloud services; assign each a risk ranking; identify all users and third-party apps able to log in
  • Data security: identify and control sensitive information (DLP); respond to classification labels on content
  • Threat protection: offer adaptive access control (AAC); provide user and entity behavior analysis (UEBA); mitigate malware
  • Compliance: supply reports and dashboards to demonstrate cloud governance; assist efforts to conform to data residency and regulatory compliance requirements.

Cloud Discovery

There is no doubt that the cloud is changing the way that organizations operate. With the arrival of new technologies. However, it’s no longer enough to have a physical presence behind your web applications. You need to have access to these underlying resources as well as the ability to visualize them in ways that help you make better decisions. In this post, Cloud Discovery will show you how to use its powerful log collection features to analyze your PHP applications and the services they access.

Sanctioning and unsanctioning an app

Using data from the Bro review dashboard. The app catalog has been redesigned to provide a more meaningful experience for users and developers. When you install an app from the catalog, you’ll have the opportunity to rate each app along with one of seven safety domains: reports from users, device compatibility, protection from wiretapping, privacy controls, privacy implications, reported functionality, and third-party app compatibility. You can also monitor apps that have been flagged for problems by reviewers, and even review specific permissions required by an app to perform its function.

You can use policies to define your users’ behavior in the cloud. Use policies to detect risky behavior, violations, or suspicious data points and activities in your cloud environment.

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