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Who we are

Jubilee Line Consulting is a full-service digital solutions and IT services provider that drives future efficiencies and enables business agility through the end-to-end delivery of innovative technologies.

With deep experience in IoT, Application Resource Management, and Testing & Automation services, we bring the solutions and passion to reimagine your business for the digital age.

We’re here to simplify technology and increase agility to help you get more from your technology investments.

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What we do

As an end-to-end digital solutions provider, we continually focus on driving digital efficiencies for your business.

Optimise business-critical resources, de-risk IT projects, automate decision-making, and gain time to innovate.

Harness the power of your – and everyone else’s data – to transform your business in the Internet of Everything age.

Automation, mobility, and performance testing – on-site or remotely from our advanced testing centres.

Deep technology expertise and specialist skills to reimagine your business for a digital age.

Why work with us?

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We partner with our clients to drive technology-based business change.

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We’re passionate about new technologies and the potential they hold for Africa.

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We’re innovative and agile.

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We’re experienced but curious. There’s always more to learn.

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We have the skills, commitment and people to achieve digital transformation within your budget and timelines.